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4 Best Capsule Wardrobe For Men: How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping and men? Most of the men are not into shopping. They give as little as possible time to shop for themselves. This might not be true for every male out there but is a general idea. Although men do not give time to shopping, they sure face the same issues like girls do. Too many clothes but nothing to wear according to the occasion, right? Not always but surely happens sometimes.

   Capsule wardrobe was invented for this dilemma! So, you might be wondering what a capsule wardrobe is, in simpler terms, a Capsule wardrobe is fewer clothes but quality and only useful items.

   In this article, we have gathered the must-have items for your capsule wardrobe. 


For any occasion, men’s fashion mostly includes a jacket. Now, you do not need to own a jacket for every shirt you own right? Maximum three!  A jacket can be multipurpose. Select the one which can be worn in the office as well as on a date. A blazer can be worn in offices or parties and a leather jacket or a denim jacket can be worn for casuals.

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Tops include everything. Polo necks, and shirts and t-shirts. You can buy as many you want coz these are so much in use. Every day you gonna need these so there’s no harm in having 10 or more of these. But you should have at least two of each. T-Shirts, polo, button-ups, sweaters and many more. You can style them however you want.

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There are a variety of pants available for men. Chinos, khaki, denim, and more. These are staples and can be styled easily.  Everyday wear or formal pants, you need to own three or four pairs of pants for any occasion.

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Men and shoes right? Most men have a special love for shoes. There are so many types and styles of shoes available. For a capsule wardrobe, shoes have to be limited. You can have three or four pairs and that should be enough. There is no need to have 10 pairs that you don’t even use. A pair for work, a pair for vacation, and these can be multipurpose.

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These are the most important elements of a capsule wardrobe but of course, there can be additions. You can add accessories like bags to your wardrobe. It is not limited.

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