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5 Best Hacks For Your Home Garden

 In the present time, home gardens are very common. Everyone wants a small garden in their homes. Having a mini garden not only adds freshness but makes your home look lively. Now, you don’t have to put in a lot of money and it is not necessary that it has to be high maintenance. In this article, we will give you some easy hacks which will not cost you much but will definitely make your garden exquisite. So, let’s get started.

Bottles in Home Garden

     Every house has bottles! It is very easy to get them. These can come in very handy for home gardens. The small cute plants can be put in those bottles and you can decorate the bottles by painting them and making any design you want to make them look beautiful. You can keep them lying down or hang them up on the walls. These provide you with both beauty and modern touch. Every home garden should have bottled plants. You can use plastic bottles or glass bottles, whichever you like.

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Tin Cans

     Why not get creative with these!  We all use tin, right? Canned foods or canned juice, anything. It is not hard to find these either. Why use those expensive small pots when you can just upcycle these. Keep some things in mind when using tin. Make sure there is no rust in the can, it can damage the plant. Also, there is a plastic coat inside some of the cans and that too is not good for plants. And you are good to go! Do include these in your mini garden.

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Using old luggage

Do you have old luggage you want to throw away? Hold on a second before you do that. The small luggage can actually be used with a little creativity. If you want to make your garden look unique, hacks like these will help you a lot. You can keep pots and bottled plants inside and you will have an exquisite garden and it will definitely be an eye-catcher.

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Citrus halves

     Ever heard of citrus halve plants? It might be new but it is a beautiful little trick for home gardens. Cut your citrus into halves, remove the pulp. Now clean it nicely and put soil and seeds inside. This is a valuable hack as these do not take up much space but keeping some of them around your garden will be a treat to the eyes.

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Pot inside pot

    This concept is very interesting. This hack is unique, beautiful, modern, all in one. What do you do when you break a pot? Throw it away? Well, this hack will change your mind about that. You can use that broken pot and fill it with mini pots. Less space and looks beautiful. This has to be one of the things you and your friends will enjoy looking at.

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