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5 Best Style Guide For Men: Tips For Men On How To Be Stylish

Style Guide: When it comes to men’s everyday fashion, it is not that vast. Most men do not pay attention to fashion that much. Men’s everyday wears fashion revolves around pants and shirts. They just need to be a little creative and play with these clothing items.

     In this article, we have some tips which will help you upgrade your style and confidence. Whatever we wear, confidence is important. Our attitude defines our look. So, let’s get started.

Style Is Important as per Style Guide

We always hear “ don’t judge a book by its cover”. But in reality, not facial appearance but clothing matters. First impressions and how we dress are important factors and play a role in defining our first image. Always wear crisp and stylish clothes to make an impression that will last.

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Explore Footwear as per Style Guide

Stuck on those formal shoes and running shoes? Time to change that. Although men do not have that many options in footwear, we can always do something about that. If you cannot play with variety, we can play with color right? Try on some colors. Shoes also represent how you represent yourself. According to the occasion, wear footwear that will make you stand out.

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Style Guide suggest Pay Attention To Fitting

Gone are the days of wearing loose baggy clothes outside of the house. Leave them at home. To look sharp, fitting is very important. When we go out of the house, one should always look neat. Go by the rule “ if it doesn’t fit, ditch it”.

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Ditch Worn Out Clothes like Style Guide

Those loose jeans you used to wear? Eliminate them. For once, if you wear loose shirts it is going to be okay, but when it comes to legwear, fitting is a must. Those clothes which are worn out should be eliminated. Wearing those old clothes, again and again, will steal the brightness and make you look dull. If the clothes are losing color and fitting, remove them.

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Patterns And Prints

Even if we cannot play with varieties of clothing in men, we can always have fun with colors,patterns, and prints. There are so many patterns and prints available. You just have to know which kind of print is suitable for which occasion. From checks to stripes and sometimes floral, these have many types. Why stick to only plain clothes when you can have fun with these!

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