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Cadence Academy – Pursuing Excellence In Vocational Education.

Cadence Academy of Design Vocational Education, basically is a Learning format that runs parallel to the established Education system. Most conventional Education is about reading and remembering written things and producing them when demanded.  Not to deny that over the decade’s many changes have been brought into this well-recognized and accepted Education system. Yet, to a large extent, the teaching and examination pattern remains firmly loaded in favor of students who are good at memorizing hundreds and hundreds of printed lines and reproducing them when required. Vocational Education which has been established in recent decades, lays much stress on, ‘Learning’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Internalising’  rather than ‘Remembering’. Hence it’s a completely different Education System. 

Fashion Designing, which is one of the more famous educational streams in Vocational Education is indeed one of the most sought-after courses. Owing to the obvious connection with Film Industry or maybe because of some famous actresses who were Ex Fashion Designers this course is a crowd puller. But as it’s happening with most of the Educational courses, most of the institutes are either running outdated syllabus or are training students on course material that is too ‘Bookish’ and lack much needed practical exposure. Because of this, the system is producing students who even after scoring very high in exams are not able to cope up with industry demands. This, in a way, is self-defeating for the Vocational Education system. This means Vocational Education is not living up to its promise of imparting skilling, which is in line with Industry demand and which can be useful to students for employment. 

Cadence Academy of Design

Cadence Academy of Design, which is Fashion and Interior Education for the last  20 years, has developed a syllabus that helps students in overcoming these anomalies in Vocation Education.  Cadence Academy takes pride in its Course Material and Teaching system which, along with theory. gives equal importance to Practical aspects. Over two decades, this Nagpur headquartered Institute has ensured that the course material is as per Industry requirements and is upgraded continuously. The management has taken special effort and developed a syllabus that is unique and which helps in imparting practical Skills to students. Through a feedback mechanism and ear to the ground, the institute has ensured that we can incorporate elements that are useful for the Industry. In a way, this also helps students to acquire much-needed knowledge which can be useful in setting up their businesses. 

Cadence Academy fully understands the potential and needs of the Vocational Education system in India. Hence along with a syllabus that lays stress on skilling, we have developed a Placement mechanism that allows students to display their talent to top companies and institutes.  The robust system backed by custom-made ERP has helped scores of students get into fruitful employment.  

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