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Festive Outfit Ideas: 5 Tips On How To Rock This Festive Season

      What a struggle it is to have a perfect outfit and get the perfect look. Right girls? Difficult is an understatement when it comes to festive outfits. While it may be tricky, it is not so tough. We will make it a little easier for you this year. We will help you with some basic ideas which will look perfect without much effort. Here are some of the tips which may come in handy when planning for a festive outfit. 

Wearing Fusion – Ethnic To Stand Out in Festive Outfits

      Bored of wearing plain Kurtis? No worries, you can use this trick. Fusion is about mixing traditional and western ideas. With this trick, you can look elegant as well as in style. Some of the ideas you can infuse is a floral print jumpsuit or a Kurti with a designed blazer. You can also wear Kurtis with unique prints and colors. These are in trend and a super effective way to notch it up.

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Wearing Dazzling Dupatta in Festive Outfits

        Dupattas give a new look to the outfits. How about we try this, wear a plain simple Kurti, and get a heavy dupatta for it. The look that the dupatta can give your outfit is shocking. It is on-trend to wear heavy and designed dupattas on Kurtis. Simple Kurtis can come to life and definitely give you the spotlight anywhere. This is a must-do trick this festive season. Try it and you will surely be surprised.

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Wearing stoles

       Another way of redoing boring clothes is by wearing stoles. Sometimes it is a hassle to handle dupattas. And sometimes dupattas do not go with themed festive parties. At those times, you can wear some beautiful stoles to make your outfit stand out. Stoles don’t only go with Kurtis but also dresses. You can wear them with anything and they will look exquisite.

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Juttis Instead Of High Heels

   How about we ditch the heels this year? It is monotonous to wear heels every season, isn’t it? Well, let’s do something different and try juttis. These are must-haves in the festive season and it is hard not to own a pair of juttis as they are beautiful and add effects to your outfit. There are many types of juttis like Kolhapuri and bellies. Wear them this year and rock the festive season.

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Accessories and Jewelry in Festive Outfits

       Is it needed to write a paragraph on how important accessories and jewelry are? In short, extremely important. Now, you need to be a little creative when wearing perfect items. Remember this when your outfit is heavy and with a lot of work, jewelry has to be simple. If your outfit is simple then matching them with heavy jewelry will enhance the look and complete it. This small trick will definitely help you out and is very effective.

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Hope this article will help you out with festive fashion! 

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