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Top 5 Men’s Fashion Trends In 2021

       While many think there’s not much in men’s fashion, men’s fashion evolved and upgraded with time. Not many men actually pay attention to trends, but there’s a lot going on in this fashion world. In this blog, we gathered some of the fashion trends on the rise and we hope this might be helpful for every man reading our article. Get ready, let’s go!

Loose clothing in Men’s Fashion

     Gone are the days of skinny-fitted clothes for men. These days loose clothing is on the rise. Now, it may be a little uncomfortable for people who got used to tight clothing, but these are comfortable and very stylish. All that’s needed to rock is a little idea on how to properly wear these. If we choose relaxed lowers, it has to be matched with relaxed shirts or whatever we choose. When we match loose clothes with tight-fitted ones, it might look unbalanced. So, if we pay only a little attention, basic clothes can also look extremely stylish.

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Tailoring with knitwear in Men’s Fashion

This trend is very much on the rise and extremely easy to follow. Everyone owns a sweater right? Try and match it with a shirt and leave the buttons open. This match is a classy move and goes with any occasion. The trick here is to match light and dark colors. Darker the knitwear, the smarter the look. And the shirt has to be light-colored for that or works vice versa too.

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Cuban collar shirts in Men’s Fashion

      Now, this is something we all see a lot! It is everywhere. These give fun and chilly vibes. You can either wear a printed one or a plain one, but printed ones are usually trendy and come in a lot of different prints and styles. Wear these with light-colored jeans and you are good to go! If you don’t own these, what is the wait for? It’s shopping time because these are a must-have.

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Over the knee shorts

    All men love shorts! Right? They are comfortable and can be worn a lot, like a lot! The shorts which are in trend right now are over-the-knee shorts. These are a little longer in length and mostly worn while traveling or chilling out with friends. You can experiment with these when it comes to colors and match them with other colors for funky or chill vibes. 

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Leather jackets

    It is not a surprise that leather is on the list. A leather jacket goes with everything and for both males and females. This is and will be popular and these are extremely easy to style. Just wear a T-shirt inside, wear your favorite jeans and voila! Done! It is hard not to own a leather jacket but still if you do not own one, you should definitely buy one of these.

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