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Top 5 Summer Clothing Items You Should Avoid During Summers

Isn’t it easier to list what not to do instead of listing what to do for Summer Clothing? We all have a general idea of what clothes summer calls for. But there may be a few things you might be doing wrong. Let’s agree we have certain clothes we would love to wear all year long, but will it actually help? As much as we love wearing them, they can cause harm as the summer heat can be dangerous.

    No worries! Right here we have listed some of the items which are a complete no for summers.

Skinny Jeans in Summer Clothing

Who doesn’t like skinny jeans? It would be great if these were good for all seasons. But skinny jeans are actually bad for summers. As the name suggests, they are skin-tight. They are not breathable. Wearing these during summers will trap the heat in our legs and can cause serious rashes if the heat is too much. Skinny jeans should be avoided as much as possible during summers. Straight-cut pants or loose jeans are good for summers.

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Synthetic Blouses in Summer Clothing

Not only jeans but wearing skin-tight synthetic blouses are also a big no during summers. These are not at all breathable and will cause sweat and is harmful to your skin. It is too uncomfortable to wear these during summers. So, you should avoid these and wear them during winters. You can wear a light blouse or crop tops in summer.

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Leather for Summer Clothing

Although leather looks good on almost everything you wear, it should be avoided during summers at all costs. Leather is meant for keeping you warm. They are ideal for winters. They will cause you to sweat and you will feel hot in the sun. As much as you would want to wear them, try and avoid them and instead try and wear linen.

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Jackets in Summer Clothing

Another clothing item to be avoided is wearing jackets. Although these go with any outfit and look really cool, they also are ideal for winters as they keep you warm. Summers calls for sleeveless clothes and jackets just don’t fit in. You might think they will be light but they are not. Avoid wearing denim or heavy jackets during summer.

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Turtle Necks And Long Sleeves

As much we love wearing turtle necks, they are too high up for summers. Wearing long sleeves or high necks is not good for heat. You may feel suffocated and very uncomfortable wearing these during winters. Instead, wear tank tops as they will help you with the sweat and you won’t have rashes because of the sweat.

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