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Understanding The 7 Best Color Psychology

We are surrounded by color psychology all the time. We see so many colors in our day-to-day lives that we cannot keep count of them. There are some colors we know of and there may exist colors we are not yet aware of. When you see colors, what do you think of them? Have you ever wondered what they represent? Yes, it is true. Every color has its own emotion, meaning, and color psychology.

This article will help you understand what our basic colors represent so that next time you choose colors, you will know what it means.

Red Color Psychology

      Red may be the most dominant color. Why do you think the stop sign is red? Red color attracts our eyes and has a somewhat bold nature. Red indicates caution and danger but at the same time, represents love and passion. Wearing red gives a confident and bold vibe to the person wearing it. It also gives richness and brightness. Every color has different shades, so does this one. So, if you want to show passion or love, red is the best choice. 

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Yellow Color Psychology

       Yellow is a bright color that indicates happiness and joy. Yellow symbolizes the sun which is bright and joyful. This color also indicates positive energy and optimism. Wearing this color brings enthusiasm, looks vibrant just by looking at this color can make anyone cheerful.

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Green Color Psychology

      We all know green is associated with nature and so, it indicates freshness and calmness.it is one of the most common colors. It gives a sense of coolness and makes all your stress go away. Being in touch with nature is very refreshing and as nature is green, it provides freshness too. 

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Orange Color Psychology

      Orange is the combination of red and yellow and so, has the properties of both. This color symbolizes warmth and excitement which it gets from the yellow color and orange is also used to attract our eyes which is a property of red. With the properties of both these strong colors, orange can be considered a strong color.

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Blue Color Psychology

     Blue is the most common color and can be seen everywhere. The sky is blue and so, blue is considered the color of trust, and intelligence. Blue is also associated with the ocean and so, symbolizes calmness and sincerity. Wearing blue makes us feel cool and calm.

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Purple Color Psychology

    Purple is considered the color of royalty and luxury. Wearing this color or even looking at it gives that royal class vibes. This color represents wealth, nobility, magic, and wisdom. This color is delicate and looks beautiful wherever you use it.

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Pink Color Psychology

     Pink is generally considered the color of femininity and girliness. This can also be considered as the color of love and kindness. It also symbolizes romance. This color is considered cute and bubbly and is very common. This color of sensitivity can be seen everywhere around you.

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Of course, colors cannot be limited to these few, there are so many colors out there. These were just a few of them which we can see in our daily lives.

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